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Our Motto:
Paint your own Joy

A few years ago, my only child announced her plan to move away and I was faced with the "What now?" question.  What was I going to do now that being Mom was no longer a full-time job?  I starting to think about all my old hobbies that I loved doing during those long winter months and how much I missed sitting around our kitchen table coming up with new crafts or practicing the techniques I had learned in art class. After making a few things I learned that crafting on this island is hard! The supplies must be shipped in for the most part and you must PLAN to be creative.  Well, I don’t know about others but I usually can’t plan for the creative urge to hit after Fedex has delivered my Amazon order. When the mood strikes I just want to do it! The problem was, I was getting so many supplies and it was getting so expensive that I wondered what others did to indulge their inner Picasso.  The ever-present entrepreneur in me was saying that I should open a business with the amount of crafting supplies I had accumulated. I didn’t want to be a retail supplier so I decided to host classes and have parties so others wouldn’t have to invest in the supplies but could get creative and make masterpieces too. So I created Tess's Table Arts and Crafts Workshop. 

Nothing is more beautiful, fun and relaxing than peacefully painting an adorable ceramic piece with friends and family.  I want to create a place for my community to come and release all our daily struggles through a creative outlet such as painting and crafts. The therapy that comes with creating amazing pieces of art is priceless and I just wanted a little piece of heaven here in my shop to share with others.

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